The QUALICOAT quality label is a product certification scheme. The bases of the QUALICOAT building are the Specifications for a Quality Label for Liquid and Powder Organic Coatings on Aluminium for Architectural Applications.
The pillars of this construction are the licences and the approvals granted by QUALICOAT and the General Licensees, i.e. national and international associations that have been granted a master licence to issue certificates and monitor the work of the licensed plants.

Inspections are carried out by recognized inspectors and tests are performed by laboratories accredited to ISO 17025. These laboratories and inspectors are bracketed together in QUALISURFAL.

Many coating plants around the world are already holders of the QUALICOAT licence and many of powder coating manufacturers and chemical suppliers already own QUALICOAT approved systems. They may be viewed in the subsections Licensed Coaters, Coating Materials and Pretreatment Systems.



What are the Benefits of QUALICOAT?

Asking for the QUALICOAT label adds value to building products:
• Licensed plants have a distinct competitive edge over their competitors
• Customers and specifiers receive coated products that meet clearly defined quality and performance criteria

A QUALICOAT certificate is valid all over the world.

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