Working Groups

Working groups consist of delegates appointed by the Technical or Executive Committee to work on particular projects or issues. External experts may also be invited to join a working group. The working groups currently active are:

ALUMINIUM To investigate on the influence of the various alloys regarding the AASS and FFC test.
To address all specific questions relating to cast accessories.
FLORIDA To analyse global results and specific cases.
To compare exposure conditions with previous years.
To propose new testing methods and RAL colours for renewal.
LABORATORIES To harmonise the test methods used by laboratories approved by QUALICOAT.
To plan interlaboratory tests.
To update the inspection and testing forms.
To evaluate the results of new and already approved alternative pre-treatment systems.
To assess and evaluate panels exposed to outdoor weathering in Florida.
POWDERS To develop rules for new powder classes and address other matters concerning the powder manufacturers.
PRETREATMENT To define when a new formulation needs a specific approval and to address other matters concerning the chemical manufacturers.
QUALIDECO COMMITTEE To develop and update the specifications for QUALIDECO.
SPECIFICATIONS To prepare update sheets based on decisions taken by the Committees.
STATISTICS To collect, analyse and provide reliable common source of data for checking and evaluating quality within QUALICOAT.

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