Technical projects involving different working groups have been undertaken by QUALICOAT during the last few years:

Correlation between accelerated and outdoor exposure for class 2 systems
To determine a new testing method and requirements for class 2 with the aim of improving the correlation between accelerated and outdoor exposure.
High Priority

Investigation on corrosion protection behaviour
To carry out a statistical Investigation following an increase of failures at the acetic acid salt spray test.
High Priority

Water spot effect
To carry out a test programme to define the critical parameters that could cause an excessive degradation of
the coated Panels.
High Priority

Colorimetric tolerances against RAL standard
To define the list of permitted colour deviations for RAL colours or RAL families to be included into the Specifications.

Introduction of corrosion classes (Durability)
To investigate on the Extension of the Label and ist scope applications other than external architecture.

Structural sealant glazing systems
To investigate on the adhesion of sealants on powder coatings.

Concept of families
To introduce “families” of colours for classes 2 and 3 with a classification based on the RAL scale.

Resistance to filiform corrosion (New test method)
To define a testing method and an Evaluation method with the aim of introducing a filiform corrosion test to the QUALICOAT Specifications.


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