Annual Report 2016
QUALICOAT Specifications - New Update Sheets

On 24 May 2017 the Executive Committee ratified three new update sheets (Nos. 22, 23 and 24).


QUALICOAT Seminar in Munich - 18 May 2017

On 18 May 2017 a QUALICOAT/QUALIDECO Seminar was organized by VOA.

Training Session in Dubai

Photogallery of the Training Session held in Dubai:

Technical Training in China

Photogallery of the Training Session held in China:



On 4th of November 2015 the Executive Committee ratified five new update sheets (No 7/8/9/11/12), valid from 1st of January 2016.

SEASIDE / QUALIMARINE - September 2014

After undertaking an investigation in 2013 to compare the corrosion resistance of the various pretreatments specified by QUALICOAT for the SEASIDE endorsement, to that of the pretreatment defined by ADAL for QUALIMARINE, it was found there were no significant differences in the acetic acid salt spray test results after 2000 hours. Therefore, on this basis, QUALICOAT and ADAL acknowledge that the corrosion resistance results of QUALIMARINE and SEASIDE are equivalent.

Annual Reports 2014 and 2015
First Qualicoat Licence Granted in the USA

Qualicoat is pleased to announce that they have granted a USA licence to Trojan Powder Coating based in New York State, making them the first United States company to receive a Qualicoat license.

This designation marks a milestone for Carl Troiano, owner and President of Trojan Powder Coating; one that he’s been working towards for many years.

“Qualicoat is known throughout the world as the standard-bearer for quality and excellence in aluminium coating,” says Troiano. “To be recognised by them and to meet their high level of requirements is a very proud moment for us.”

New General Licencees granted for RAEA and QUALIBAL

QUALICOAT granted this year two new Master Licences to RAEA for the Russian Federation and to QUALIBAL for Bosnia & Herzegovina, FYROM, Kosovo, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia. 

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